Here at Bay Vineyard there are a bunch of things that are precious to us, filters that shape how we do things, what we focus on, how we live. 


We are a place of Joy! We begin most gatherings celebrating in song who God is, what he has done. We take seriously the business of joy because the bible says that the Kingdom of God is a place of joy! Jesus said that Kingdom of God is like a wedding feast. So we take every opportunity to laugh, to celebrate, to eat and to enjoy this good world. Even in the midst of suffering and challenge, we can know joy because this joy is not due to things working out perfect, it comes from the source of joy - God Himself!


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In a high paced, high stress, often violent world, we are learning what it means to be a people of peace. Peace in the way we live, peace in our weekly rhythms, peace in our hearts and minds. You can come and spend time with and join us as we learn the "unforced rhythms of grace". We are learning what it looks like to swim against the tide of business and stress, and to prioritize what really matters. Real relationships with people, time to hang together, and the space in our lives to foster a deep relationship with our God. 



We believe that God has called us to be a community of depth. Of depth relationaly, with bay groups, and section parties. A place of genuine connection and love. 
We are a place of spiritual depth. We are invited to grow in our devotional lives, that it would be rich and fulfilling.
And a depth theologically. That we would wrestle with the deep mysteries of the scriptures, holding on to the Ancient creeds of our faith as our guides.