What to Expect

Church is WAY more than the time we gather on a Sunday, but its a big part of our community, and often the first place people come to check us out, and perhaps sus out the christian faith. We know it takes courage to walk in to a church service that you haven't been to before! So here's the low down on what goes on... 

As you drive down Chambers St towards the Napier Boys High School, look out for our flags waving in the wind, this is the entrance to the hall. There's a small carpark outside the hall and more places to park on the street. When you arrive you'll be met by some friendly faces at the door who'll welcome you. We'd love you to join us before the service starts for a coffee/tea (it's all free) and a chat. We like to say that church starts at 9:30am, but the service starts at 10am (and we always start on time)!

The service begins with a welcome, a prayer and two upbeat worship songs. The kids in our church love this bit, and have a great time dancing and singing! After this we take up an offering that enables us to do our ministry, we do this with grateful hearts for all God has given us. If you're a guest there's no expectation that you would give anything, we simply want you to enjoy your time with us!

The children are then invited to go to "Bay Kids". You can find out more about the ages and programs on our Bay Kids page

After a short break, we share the "family news", (some of the events happening in the life of our community), and we then take communion together. If you don't feel comfortable joining in, there is no pressure to, but everyone is welcome to take communion with us. We then continue to sing another few worship songs, before someone shares a message from the Bible. This is always engaging, life-giving and encouraging! 

We finish with a prayer and time in God's presence... well to be honest we never quite know how our services will finish... but there's always more coffee at the end! 

If you want to have an overview of what the christian faith is all about, check out the video below
We would love you to join us!