Sunday 26 May // Silence and Solitude

Thanks for engaging with this series!

The slides from todays talk can be viewed here

If you’d like to purchase the devotional tool that Sam mentioned in his talk today, it can be found be searching for “emotionally healthy spirituality day by day” and is available at mana bookstores, or through the usual online retailers…

The challenges this week…

Try the EHS daily office posted on our Facebook community page. Give it a nudge for a week and see how it feels. As you look to the week, think of when you can find the 7 minutes needed to engage with this practice. As you begin the time of silence be aware that your mind will seize this opportunity to run wild with thoughts, feelings, memories, to do’s, and distractions. That’s okay. Don’t judge yourself, feel bad, give up, or worry. When you notice your mind start to wander, just recenter with a quick prayer, like, “Father…” and come back to your breathing. 
Notice God’s presence all around you, in you. For some people it’s helpful to imagine the Father is sitting in the chair across from you or on a throne. 
Welcome his love, joy, and peace from the Holy Spirit.

Bookmark your devotional time with silence, sitting with Jesus. Start with a time that is easily achieved (2 minutes) or add time to that as you feel comfortable.

ADVANCED CHALLENGE #sparksjoy (or for the skeptic)
Listen to the three week teaching series from Bridgetown church on this topic. 
Engage with the material found in the 6-week practice of growing this discipline in your life that you can view here