Bay Groups 

Bay Vineyard Church is a church of small groups. We are an authentic community that loves one another, loves to celebrate and is there for each other when times are tough.

Because of the size of church on a Sunday morning, it may feel like a crowd and if may feel hard to lock in to community. Bay Groups are places where people can truly get to know each other, where they can serve each other and the wider community and where people are transformed. They're open to anyone as we believe it’s important to be radically inclusive and welcoming. We’d love YOU to be part of a Bay Group!

We employ a ‘freemarket’ approach to groups, where groups are formed around interest areas or topics, or based around life stages and our leaders are trained and supported to run the best groups possible! We are a church who truly values peace, so if a course or event comes up we’d never expect people to attend this and a small group, instead we’d encourage you to only commit to one group a term - unless you felt so inspired! We love being a church of healthy rhythms, including rest and nights at home with your loved ones!

For more info on any of these groups or an idea for a group you'd like to run, fill out the contact form below

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